Screen Lock – Time Password

Worried about finding your PIN when you unlock your phone?

Here is the password to save the lock screen. Locked screen: You can set the current time as your phone’s password


New features:

IPhone lock screen is great for Android devices.

Maximum support on most Android phones.

Full custom keyboard

Screen lock key.

My dad is a great hairdresser for paralyzing effects.

Adjust sliding text. You can enter your name or a friend’s name on the login screen.

Save photos Hide photos or videos photos and videos accessed on your phone can only be viewed after entering the correct password.

Personal Browser Use a personal browser that leaves no mark on your browser. There are also symptoms.




Define lock screen wallpaper

You can apply the wallpaper to the HD screen or choose from the gallery.

Play the word.

Turn on the ignition switch.

The watch offers 12-hour and 24-hour meters.

Memory Memory Low Memory և Battery, keep the device clean: Clean.

100% Secure Password Secure password on time screen

Choose your lock type

You can choose your method to lock your Android phone (change your password).

The current clock is the default password for the login screen. For example, if the time is 01:47, the pin is 0147.

Password PIN Password – Users can choose any password.

+ + Attach the correct password – for example, if your number is 12 and the time is 1:45, the PIN will be 1245.

PIN + Current Time Code – For example, if your number is 45 և 02 37, the PIN will be 450237.

For daily PIN + PASS, for example, if your number is 45 and the date is July 4, 2017, the PIN will be 450407.

PIN + Time Code – For example, if you like the number 12 and the time is 1:45, the pin will be 4501.


– Question –


Hidden Screen Lock – How to unlock password in time?

1. Go to the info page (Settings> Programs> Keyboard> Location) and click “Manage / Save” to clear it.


X How to lock your Xiaomi / MI phone?

Xiaomi / MI phones are patented. Follow the steps below to use the password lock screen on your Xiaomi / MI phone.

1. Open Security Software -> Permission.

Permissions -> Screen lock – Password -> Allow all permissions.

2. Return Permission -> Auto Start -> Auto Lock Screen – Allow Password.


S license application.


android.leja. READ_PHONE_STATE:


Advertising. To improve the quality you need to read the network status of the Eddie phone.

android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW. Screen key:

android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – Turn on the device after booting.

android.permission.CAMERA. Screenshot Screen Mural

Android permission: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. To change the lock screen wallpaper

Android permissions: PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS. For a lock screen


Possible. Do not uninstall this program before recovering your personal files, otherwise it will be lost forever.


Screen lock – Password has no information in the password.


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