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2ndLine is the second largest telephone service in the US or Canada and is a complete business plan designed for mobile, free and professional computers as an entrepreneur. Call and send device numbers that you and your team already have over Wi-Fi or your mobile network to anyone in the United States and Canada.


       Home phone number

Give your friends a phone number to call! Unlimited text and picture messages You can send as many text messages to the US and Canada as you like – for free! Infinite calls to the US and Canada Make unlimited phone calls to any phone number in the US and Canada! Cheap international destinations

Earn money by completing offers in your account or receiving free money and making less international calls


– Make and receive voice calls – Emoji, numbers and GIP

– Send full picture picture Send, receive and store pictures.

   – Mechanical answer: – Machine is answer

       – Caller ID

– passcode: Keep your messages locked

– Google SmartLock: You do not have to remember the password

– Transfer to phone

– Sign up Add your signature to each article

– Normal text sounds, sounds and shakes

– Adjust data

– Assign personal numbers to ringtones and their history

– Quick response from friends is fast (quick).

– Integrated inbox: send and receive text messages directly through line 2 – Use line 2 as text message in window!

– Plastic calls are only in line 2 to choose the best way to improve our call quality

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