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Call anyone in the world for free, even if you don’t have a call plan.
Free calls via Wi-Fi or mobile data, minutes are not used.
Download the VoIP Call app উপ Enjoy free calls to any mobile or landline phone in the world.


Call buttons are completely free
100% free phone calls worldwide. There is no contract, no secret payment.

Call via WIFI
Don’t have a mobile data package? No problem, you can use Wi-Fi to call text messages.

Popular places:
Free international calls to more than 200 countries
India, Nigeria, Mexico, Pakistan, United States, United States, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Free Call SS

New gift for the user
Each new user receives a free bonus of 1000 points
Transferred to mobile device
(Minutes) (minutes)
America 1313
CA 33 33:
Block 10:
CN 8 8:
9 GB
D3 21:
References 8 8:
B2 2:
BD3 3:
City Hall 3 3:

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International calls
Any mobile phone or landline that supports more than 200 seats.
Even if the recipient does not have an internet connection, people around the world can make international calls with any free call.

Sounds clear and consistent
Do not call with the same phone number as usual. Make high quality calls with quality voice.
There are still many people in the world who use all free calls to make calls.

Why use Perdorn?

** No phone bill **
There is no charge when connecting to Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / Lite. Most importantly, you can pay less to continue without a deal and hassle.


Is it really free?
Free monthly completely free.
How will everyone be released?
Take a look at the ad!


Sad Dps

** Free calls **
We have several offers for free calls. Fill in these simple sentences. Get free credit for making free calls to customers. You can watch ads, play games, complete tasks and invite friends to invite.

Barnyard for Android devices supporting Samsung, Nexus, etc.

Smart louncher

Every call is free. Enjoy a free Wi-Fi call with international friends and family.

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