EasyLine – Second Phone Number as a Business Line

Find other work phone numbers কাজের specifically share work from any device. Manage all business calls, text messages and voicemail messages in this simple application. No need to turn off the phone.


EasyLine is designed to make your communication easier. Easily communicate with customers, give feedback and grow your business a build a brand identity.


Job Phone Number:

Get a local or toll free number for your work. Work Keep your work number a Save your personal number to a device. Manage all your business calls, text messages, voicemail, and more in one place. Be a more productive business in terms of fast business relationships.

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Intense level of reliability

The quality of the connection is always important, especially when doing any work. Unlike VoIP services, EasyLine uses your network provider to make high quality calls.


SMS operation

Send customer data, advertising services, offers, messages, etc. in a single article.


Different business relationships

All the contacts you have under this second ezine phone number are very different from your iPhone contacts. Don’t get confused.


Select work calls before setting up

The Undo ID will appear when you make a call. So you can decide how to record or how to respond with a very professional voice.

Easy answers with simple articles

Create frequently asked questions for a one-click response bar by sending answers to your customers.


CRM lighting

Say the normal business phone system. With this simple CRM you can manage all your calls, messages, voicemails, notes and many more in one easy place.


Record business calls

Follow each customer or business call to get the full context of the person you’re talking to and how to get there.


Automatic reply

If you miss a call or can’t read your article on time, EasyLine can automatically send you a message without delay, so you don’t miss the opportunity.


Private voice message

Write a professional congratulatory letter when contacting your clients. Arrange lots of personal farewells in one place.



EasyLine is the second most trusted phone number for business owners. But it’s not just a phone number app. EasyLine provides powerful functions, automates communication; Convenience, brings a few million small business skills.


EasyLine offers the following access plans:

Business Key ্য Text Messages Business Phone: 99.99 per month

For the first time, customers will be offered a free 7-day trial.


Money will be removed from your Google Play account. Registration will be automatically restored at least 24 hours before the end of the current period until automatic updates appear. Charges will be levied 24 hours before the current expiration of the invoice. The price depends on the plan chosen. The user can manage the subscription. Disable automatic updates based on user account settings. When a user subscribes, all pieces not used in the free trial will be lost.

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