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This is a free app for calls over Wi-Fi that has free calls, free calls, call logs without SMS. You can make free calls, write text messages, record free calls and send free text messages to the app. Make cheap international calls, even if your contact is not free, call immediately with a real toll free number.


Get a unique personal phone number with free calls to the US or Canada. Switch to a device like a tablet. Make free calls over Wi-Fi on your device. Get a second number easily without another SIM card; Choose it for your working family.

You have many options to get a loan, you need to touch the simplest. Earn more credit by doing fun tasks, watching fun videos and playing board games.

The main features of free negotiations

Call for free
Free bankruptcy using the balance on the bankrupt’s account
Calls make free Wi-Fi calls to countries around the world
Voting is free or open to international and international negotiations
Use Wi-Fi or a plan (3G / 4G) to make VoIP calls on your tablet.

Free text
Send failed free text messages
Respond quickly when you are busy

Get Eto’o Credits!
: All you need is a simple touch
Quite a fun action
Great videos made for you
It’s like a bag closing with a string

A call for priceless notes
Automatic notes
I notice the excellent quality
Activate call logging to suit your needs
Play recordings if you want

App Download

Especially for real numbers
Get the actual phone number in the US or Canada that you prefer
Even if you don’t have a free call, don’t call anyone

Connect your device to your phone
Even if you don’t have a free call, don’t call anyone
Launch Jenny’s device as a tablet

I am a beginner
Opened various emoticons, all new emoticons such as Twitter emoticons, emoticons
Send an instant text message to Bella Lenny, 3000 faces, smiley-smiley

, Completely optional
Define your music as a ring
Set up a photo
The color of the previous text ball can change the font color to the font color


, A more interesting feature
Share the unique art of emoticons Connect Lenny with Len’s friends via SMS
Mark with one tap to assign all call logs or all SMS call messages
Replace the wire foam
Customize your message the way you want

call us

Եւ Free call, we always strive to make your free call the best for your needs. Write any questions / comments / concerns or ask questions. We would love to hear from you. If you liked the feature of the phone, rate it in the Play Store. Tell your friends if you want to call them for free.

Thanks for the help
Free calls





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