HkH VPN Apk Download

Free Version internet Very slow like 10kbs per second. your vpn is new first give them free login after getting popularity then sale logins.


Congratulations to the owner of this VPN but u should add more server to keep speed on slowdsn because most of people they are using slowdsn mode so plz admn work on it

U already using a free login 🤷🏻‍♂️ and i dont know if u notice the name of the mode “SlowDNS” and too the warn on the description of the app here on Playstore but this mode is slow because he use the dns for navigation he dont have much speed because he is not make for this


It’s very amazing.It provides me free internet. Its speed is slow but i can manage


The ads are controlled by google, when the error occurs it is usually the network that is slow or the app has reached the limit that can display ad per hour (I don’t know exactly how many there are) to help I put a function when it’s only giving an error the app will give you a little time while without seeing the ad

Very good app for poor people who cannot afford internet But it has stop working

internet is oky but speed is slow

This is Free VPN but very slow fix this problem plz

I gave 5 star but please solve Renew time problem and increase renew time please please i hope u mind it.

I used it for free Internet but now it connect but not work it’s installition is just for wasting time


So good app I am use app I am get free INTERNET with app Thanks very much


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