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This app is designed to provide you with complete information about your Android device.



Detailed information about the sensor




Please provide details about the sensor.






This is a meter






Urban rotation vector, geometric rotation vector և game rotation vector


P linear acceleration


, Right


Atmospheric temperature




Tap the calculator


* Beats և Beats


x Proximity sensor


Articles Writing Articles և Learn to move

D6 Dof


Main activities:


Avaba walked away


la quite wetReal-time sensor data




(2) (yahо


(4) (﹫)



Real-time display of multi-sensor data. Can be used by developers or fans.




Check the sensors և Other things




With this information, users can check the following: If the device does not have a sensor, it wiAnd a gyroscope sensor


This sensor is և meters


Magnetic sensor


* Digital compass


Depth of light intensity


x Proximity sensor


Identity verification (facial fingerprint detection)


Dynamic voice control




Too much to touch






Fill the device




View full device information.




Snow device information. Device name, device type, root status, phone, or tablet. , SIM card details, data connection, WiFi connection, existing network, IP address, brand, keyboard, boot loader, blood receiver, blood identification, blood codes, blood user, blood hypothesis code, blood copy implementation, blood copy, version, fingerprint, hardwaScreen – screen resolution, screen size, height, width, screen density և GLES version.




Terry Battery – Battery level, battery capacity, health, power supply, technology, temperature և voltage.




URI memory – full RAM, available RAM, internal և external memory.




GPU (graphics card) vendor, vendor, version version, etc.




Processor development, clock speed, Bogo cards, features, CPU port, CPU architecture, CPU options, CPU port, CPU rating, scale control, all in a separate ABI support device




Thermal state of the heating device.








Try additional device icons.




Spring for men


* Set action




Screen detection


Lean thin



DRM information




Not all HD devices can play HD content on services. Due to the certificate level of the device. If L1 is selected, HD content can be broadcast. However, if the device is L2 or L3 certified, the application limits are limited. Check the status of the device certificate.




Other features will be available soon




We constantly provide additional information to our customers. In the coming years, we will update the program with more features.


How to make Vip Facebook Account 2022


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