InstAddr – Instant Email Address

With this free referral program you can create free email addresses.

Your tax code contains several email addresses that can be used for different purposes at the same time.

The service has no expiration date, so the address can be used.


* You can have multiple email addresses at once.

You can create multiple email addresses at once without changing your current address.

You can use the address in any letter or ask the application to create a comment field. Thanks to our specialized technology, these programs make it easy to store URLs.


* You can read the link (write new messages, reply, sell and share).

You can send and attach information from an address created from a file.

Address support features such as SPF, DKM (Sender Authentication), encrypted data transfer and much more.


* Push alerts.

Even if the app is closed, it will inform you of the update. You can send ads to other mobile phones and computers.

You can enable or disable messages in different locations.

* Actual email address.

If you do not delete the URLs you have created, they will run indefinitely.

Even if you change phone or cancel the request, the return address will remain the same at check-in.

Messages and received messages are deleted after one month, but you can choose how you want to save it and save it forever.


* Perform all tasks.

You can use this hosting service. There are no home sales.

At the bottom of the page you will see changes that do not change.

There is no warning in the information provided. You are not fully aware of that either.


* You can communicate with other computers and mobile phones.

You can use the same data on PC, Android, KindleFire, iPhone / iPod / iPad and sync messages.

No complicated installation required. Do this with a certificate and password.


* This project supports email and HTML applications.

The program is available in many lessons and languages. You will receive stamps and decorative letters.

You can download and uninstall plugins that protect your system from malicious connections.


* Active message.

For example, not all tasks require an email client. Mailboxes, mailboxes, job filters and more. Available in the collection.

As a free e-mail, you can access the service through your browser or service provider.


* No special features found in other email campaigns.

As URLs, you can share information with your friends, share email addresses and create online profiles.

Most users use this feature to customize their email addresses for advertising and events.


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