Israeli Mobile Number Apk Download

SMS message to Israel via a mobile app


The card you are looking for is an Israeli phone number when using a SIM card in the UK Solves the Secnum app:


In the UK, if you are registered, you can also create your Israeli mobile phone with your current SIM card in the UK.


You can use this code to receive other text messages in Israel.


Givesaya gives you a number to differentiate it from itself.

Calls are made according to the mobile operator, use your current mobile account – your current SIM card.

The rest of the world is like a regular cell phone that can be connected for access. Telephone application.



• Real mobile phone number in Israel

• Do not call

• Incoming calls

• Send – Receive text messages

• Follow me to the question

• Remove it from operator

• Privacy ringtone

• Powerful languages

• Answering machine

• Personal telephone directory

• Blocks unknown calls

• Block continuous calls

• With the M call system you can transfer status calls to M VM, FF or DND during outgoing hours.

If you want additional services, you can purchase them at the Google Store.


Memorizer calls are limited to Israeli numbers. Significant phone numbers are outside the state or within the Palestinian Authority


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