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Natural Notes is a free digital laptop for your Android phone or tablet.




We know there are a lot of laptop apps, what’s the difference?


It’s a useful merging experience that’s easy to use.




Write, you can save: share your messages with natural messages.




The program is completely free and useful.




You can add, add, delete and delete messages you have added.




In addition to using this app as a digital notebook, you can use it to create messages that can be sent via email, SMS or other apps installed on your device. Write a note և Use the “to” function.




You can also write your tweets in Twitter or Facebook posts … write what you want, natural notes are recorded when you want to check and send messages.


Natural Notes is a free ad without ads. Do not connect to the Internet.This application is not based on the cloud, so the information you enter into the program will be stored in the internal memory of the device.




Your video uses internal memory. This app needs to be logged in or repaired. User, in the settings specify where you want to save the package.




You can open any .txt document using natural notes on your device (.txt documents that you receive via Bluetooth, such as email attachments).




New design for large tablets.




Best Portuguese translation, thank you, Bernardo.


The best translation into French. Thanks Philip.


Optimized with large tablets


Better translations from Italian to Portuguese








Version 2.9.1


It is issued automatically when there is no message header.


Improved design for Android versions of Ice Cream և Jelly Bean.


Additional options have been added to the New Settings screen.


Double-click the icon to open the change mode.


Add a time date to the article or double-click on the title.


More control over your booking site. You can select the device folder on the device screen.


Various errors in the code.




Version 4.0:


Elegant look


The products have been added to a new long list


Best sorting and return functions


Added new recording feature


New additional tips






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