LUX VPN – Free Unlimited Fast VPN

LUX VPN – Free Unlimited Fast VPN

LUX VPN is a free and unlimited VPN application for Android that provides proxy server speeds on Turbo. It is distributed free of charge with no additional purchases or registrations within the app. Forget the VPN Guide section, click the button, then you can access any device. LUX VPN makes web browsing secure and anonymous


L Fasali LUX VPN


     Free PR servers at PROXY

Use agents in many countries: Land Poland, Canada, Latvia, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Ukraine, Italy. Admission is free


     Limited Unlimited VPN

Search the site forever. LUX VPN offers turbo speed and unlimited traffic. Proxy server resources are distributed to all connected users.


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Access all blocked web pages

After selecting a proxy server, you can access resources limited to your country.

     Online Language

LUX VPN is not just for visiting websites. Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media and instant messengers are also fully functional.


     Ideal for any hunter

Use any browser to search for websites such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. You can use the mobile version. VPN works well with them. In the “Settings” section of your device, do not forget about the task of saving traffic, it improves the connection.


     ERS personal data protection

Application security level is very high, this is military level using AES encrypted with 256 bit. Ensure the security of your data. You will find every page of your web search here.


     Known Unknown VPN

Our VPN software does not store user data for Android. Unable to monitor web pages and download files. Protects personal information about our VPN network user activities.


     PR Protocol Communication

Devices running Android 5.0 have different protocols for connecting to proxy servers. Each protocol has a Proxy Proxy list for our VPN application. You can choose a server that is less labor intensive


     Preparation filter application

Select a list of apps for VPN connection (for Android 5.0+). For example, if you want to use Opera Browser and VPN to access a blocked website – select Opera Browser in the Browser Toolbar. VPN connections are made for the browser only. Therefore, do not load the channel with unnecessary data from other applications and get a basic VPN connection.


EN General Recommendations

VPN VPN Services (for Android 5.0+)

Don’t forget to try proxy clients from different countries

Use different VPN connection protocols (for Android 5.0+)

Increase traffic in the “Settings” section of your device



LUX VPN is a free application. We show ads for payments to keep the project going and update the project. We expand the list of proxy servers by reviewing the functionality of each of them according to our customers. Let us respect our work!


If the LUX VPN is useful to you, please check it out and leave a review.

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