MIUI-ify – Notification Shade & Quick Settings

MIUI-ify offers a sleek, fast and intuitive MIUI 12 interface with a built-in graphical panel with notifications at the bottom of the screen. WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash, etc. extensions. Also on a plate.

What is the difference between the MIUI-ify և Quick Bottom և settings?
There are noticeable differences in the images in the Play Store. MIUI-ify is clean, easy to use, controls MIUI. Quick settings for Android P / Q style.

A secret example
– Keep all notifications
– Answer, open, select, call. Please edit
– Full color benefits
– bright colors

Bar designs
Move the top of the device to the bottom of the window
– Support, full support for image meters
– Change the color completely
– list of SC. Hide the top column for other applications

– 40+ different tastes
– Add any program or URL as a restriction method
Design. Determine the number of columns in a row
– Sliding belt. Screen brightness, sound, alarm, notifications on social networks
– MIUI theme 12

Your site:
F. Size to prevent traffic congestion
– Settings hidden in the open window ով
SC. Hide tool in some programs

Some experiments
– Find the origin
– Quickly change photos, change background colors for photos
– Add a background image for the meeting
– Select a graphics program
Compare the type of flight with the floor paint
– a black horse
– Integrated with Tasker

Restoration / repair
– Save և Reset changed

Look for additional sources using Root / ABB
– Information ի Ability to change secure settings, such as mobile phone location. You can only change these settings with the root command or the AB B command due to Android security restrictions

Some quick changes.
– WI-FI:
– additional information
– Blue
Your place:
– I do not change my appearance
“Don’t confuse me.”
– Airline
“At night.”
– synchronous
– Wrong / too simple
– NFC:
Music development
– WiFi security features
– The end of the window
– Shooting method
Caffeine (look out the window)
– Color change
– Battery saving
– More than 20.

IOS has dominated the windows for years.
MIUIify և With the MIUI database you will get the same options with design features.

– Quick settings section (Android Pie & Q theme notes): play.google.com/store/apps/details.

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