Monument Browser: Ad Blocker, Privacy Focused

Search secretly and download Speed ​​Booster!


Monument Browser uses a number of links to speed up downloads and ensure that your bandwidth is fully used.

Restart and restart a download that was stopped due to loss, unexpected shutdown, or network problems.

Video downloader

Save M3U8, download M3U8, MP4, MKV, MP3, VP9, ​​AVI and more. …


Advanced download features

Download اؤن Quickly download files using multiple links (up to 32 links).

Ts اؤن Download background files with interface and advanced notifications.

☆ Copy the download links (open the menu and click on download)

دوبارہ Restart the download if you wish.

☆ Change the download link if the connection fails.


Browser tracking, ad blocking and delays, you can now start refining your data!


Do not allow Facebook to monitor your online activities.

Don’t let Facebook and big data monitor your online activity through our anti-social and anti-tracking component.


Watch without ads.

You won’t see any ads when you search with our internal blocker.

Set ad limits.

Increase the efficiency of your business by following spam, and you can create custom blocking lists.


Private browser with anonymous navigation.

Turn off browsing history and clear cookies and cache Every time you close an app, check it for app preferences!


Save pages online

Save all pages without Internet access, even if you do not have Internet access.

Full browser.

The full window layout can use 100% of your screen to display content online (on devices where you can hide viewers).

The easiest way to reach.

Allows you to select the location of the address, you can easily place its location above or below the window.

Night mode.

To help you see better at night or lightly, by hiding the pages so they can be easily read.

Reading mode

To read better with phrases, remove distractions and inaccuracies from web pages, as well as the ability to save the page online for re-reading.

Floating window

Use more windows outside of the browser than other programs to run multiple tasks at once.

The light is clear.

With a capacity of less than 2 MB, the memory browser saves a lot of space on the device.

If you like our app, you can find advanced updates to help and support our development.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, if you have a problem, you can contact us.


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