Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls Apk Download

NextPlus offers a complete online application that you can use to download and play for free.


Like sending a message, you can invite someone as a gift. Obviously, you can pay for a mobile app, but why not use NextPlus, a mobile phone company that offers free calls and text messages?


Working on a phone was a program

– Get a toll-free number

– Unlimited calls that come with contacts to any phone number

Send and receive all SMS without restrictions

– Free calling anywhere in the world without restrictions.


– No contract, no fights, no phone purchases or paid in secret

– No manual labor required

– fun and other activities


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Unlike other Messenger-2 apps, you can send calls and text messages to any phone number.


Your cell phone company charges you a small fee for sending text messages and phone calls over the network. Instead of being forced to pay, you could watch ads or watch a short video. If you want, you can stop advertising for one or two dollars. The choice is yours. And don’t forget that if your partner joins NextPlus, we will completely eliminate video advertising.


Start NextPlus as a popular free music and video game with a free mobile advertising history.


Employees have cultural and educational systems:

– Send emoticons, stickers, graphic GIFs and notes

– Works on multiple tools and adjusts your conversations

Customize your avatar with any photo or GIF

– Support group messaging

– See how your friends spend two hours a day online


Follow the instructions




Sudden call is not allowed


TV Advertising System –

NextPlus offers a free subscription system to remove ads.


If you want to join the scheme, you will be paid according to the plan chosen in your country. The price will be displayed on the order before payment is completed. Re-registration depends on the order you have selected.


Remove Monthly Advertising Flags / Eliminate Unlimited Advertising Annual Advertising in Mexico (Fixed) Month 1 / Advertising in Mexico Over the Month Unlimited (Mobile) / Unlimited Singing in United States and One Year in Canada No Advertising

Advertising via Facebook

Facebook wants to show you ads about you. We may create ads based on what you share on Facebook and use other sites and apps. For more information and other options,


Most of the sites can be used to protect your ads.


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