Opera Mini – fast web browser

With Opera Mini, you can store up to 90% of your data online.


• Personal inspection

Opera Mini is a reliable browser that provides Internet confidentiality. Use custom tabs to hide your device from your device.


• Fast waves around the world

Enjoy a fast and secure connection when you use Mini Opera web browsing and Opera data centers around the world.


• Promotion prevention

Opera Mini has a built-in advertising section, so you can browse the Internet without paying attention to your ads. The promotion section provides unobtrusive and safe browsing.


• Read online

Only save messages and web pages to your phone when connected to Wi-Fi – read online later without data


• Data protection

Save up to 90% of documents with Opera Mini Saver without losing the browsing experience. Fast communication, including slow networks.


• Video holder

Watch live Listen or download and watch online


• Summarize offline files

Securely upload and download files without an Internet connection or to other Opera Mini users.


Download this application to get a new user license agreement https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile



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