Secure messenger SafeUM

A comprehensive solution for secure, secure communications. Encrypt instant messages, audio and video calls, group chats, and files.

We do our job to provide the best protection for utility projects.

The alkaline ellipse encryption mechanism has a 256-bit key and meets the highest security standards, standards and modern regulations and protects your confidential information.

The best solution for a secure and private relationship.


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Safe transmitter function:

– Encrypted group chats

– Login without SIM card and login with GIN and password only.

– Use three accounts simultaneously on one device

– Chat history can be turned off on both sides at once.

– Show text ranges

– Contact website

– Manage accounts

– date of account verification

– Sync your encrypted audio and video calls over a secure network.

Technical assistance


– Local data will not be stored on your device. You can always use your information securely. Your data will never be lost.

– “Advanced encryption” mode

– Verify the caller encryption key with a QR code.

– Access to three account locations with three pins.

– Your personal information will not be available when you are on public network (such as WiFi).

– Warning for account violation

– Generate a dynamic secret key for each message.

– Additional Security: Electronic digital signatures ensure the integrity of the transmitted data and the integrity of the binder.


SafeUM encrypts all your data using proven methods.


You can find a list of worship programs for various websites at our website:


When registering for a secure service, users will be assigned a phone number in the form of +3712 (then – number).

If you are a user:

– Download numbers within two weeks (14 days) of registration.


– Latest transactions (incoming / outgoing calls) with this number minimum 14 days left 0.00 €.

SafeUM reserves the right to cancel this number.


Saving numbers does not affect the ability of the user account. (Including both secure calls and calls to other secure users)


Changing numbers is technically possible.

If the balance is positive, the number will not be canceled.

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