SkyVPN Proxy is a VPN proxy that allows Internet access to a one-stop Wi-Fi hotspot.


Plus for Android, SkyVPN can help protect your Wi-Fi storage and protect your internet data privacy. With our logistics-free fan, SkyVPNs aren’t amazing and reliable.


        Privacy Policy:

SkyVPN maintains your privacy in and out of group video chats.

        Open the Showcase

-SkyVPN provides unlimited access to Wi-Fi in schools, workplaces, and national networks for unlimited Internet blocking, applications, and applications.

Unique personal access to local or foreign media: social media, TV shows, movies, live sports ads, games and more.


        There must be a school textbook

As a simple VPN for Android, SkyVPN works best for keeping Wi-Fi in school. If you use Wi-Fi at school without the Internet and you can have endless opportunities for hot ads: browse all websites, meet friends on social media, watch your favorite games. and broadcast life.

        Himself and ignorance

SkyVPN can be a secure WiFi hotspot for Android when connected to public Wi-Fi. With SkyVPN, the privacy of your data is protected online, even when connected to an unsecured network. You are allowed to use the Internet inadvertently and save your IP address and data on the Internet without touching it.


The new SkyVPN representatives have a banking tool that takes your data and privacy to the next level. IZIR SocialTA social network, Wi-Fi schools, mobile phones … any network you use, you can enjoy secure Internet anytime, anywhere in SkyVPN


        There is no free VPN service

With SkyVPN you can enjoy free VPN.


Money How can I be free?

Anyone connected to the Internet can use a VPN. You can use our free VPN service for as long as you want. SkyVPN offers you many ways to get free subscriptions. It’s easy and fun to get SkyVPN data for free and access simple VPN services.


        Global Ultrafast VPN server

SkyVPN automatically connects you to the nearest server. Have a full VPN connection with the easiest and most secure option for customers around the world.


No trunks

SkyVPN does not store user logs or records. We respect all rights regarding the confidentiality of your data.

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        Multi-platform system

SkyVPN works on the platforms of all your devices at the same time: phone, tablet, desktop and laptop. Your SkyVPN account allows you to connect five devices at once.


        Simple and intuitive

You need to start a secure and secure VPN connection at the touch of a button.


Enter the world of free SkyVPN!


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