Taskbar – PC-style productivity for Android

The taskbar contains a sheet on the top page, the top menu currently available at the top of the screen, which enhances your functionality by turning your Android tablet (or phone) into a true multi-tasking machine.


The taskbar supports Android 10 desktop mode, which allows you to connect devices compatible with external monitors և Run Windows applications that can be customized for the computing experience. On Android .0.0+ devices, the taskbar can display applications in Windows for free without external screens. You don’t need carrots. (See instructions below)


Taskbar Android TV (downloadable). Supports Chrome OS. Use the taskbar as an additional Android app on your Chromebook or convert Nvidia Shield to Android PC.


If you need a task rule, consider upgrading to your Grant version. Click on “Donate” at the bottom of the app (or click online here).




Start menu menu – shows all applications installed on the device that can be set as a list or network

Latest Request: View your latest apps and navigate easily

• False al Hide – Specify when needed and when not hidden

Various configuration options. Adjust the taskbar as desired

Block your favorite apps or apps you don’t want to see

Keyboard mouse design

100% free, open source, no ads


Desktop mode (Android 10+, requires external display)


The taskbar supports the built-in Android 10 desktop mode. You can connect an Android 10+ compatible device to an external display Launch apps that can be edited while displaying the panel interface on an external display Still available on your phone


The desktop requires a USB HDMI adapter (or desktop device), which is a compatible device that supports video output. In addition, some organizations require special permission through AB


To get started, open the taskbar և click on table mode. Then check the box ը the app will guide you through the installation process. Click the (?) Icon in the top right corner of the screen for more information.


Free Horse mode (Android 7.0+, no external display required)


The taskbar allows you to run applications in the free navigation pane on Android .0.0+ devices. Root access is not required, although the ABB Shell command must be run during the initial installation of Android 8.0, 8.1 և 9 devices.


Follow these steps to set up your device to run free apps.


1. In the taskbar application, select the “Free Windows support” box

2 Follow the instructions in the window to activate the correct settings on your device (one-time settings)

3 From your device, go to the page with the latest apps. Delete all recent programs

4 Turn on the taskbar নির্বাচন and choose to run the program in the free horse window


Click on “Free Paper և Tips” in the “Taskbar” app for more information և instructions.


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