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The Text Millions app connects millions of users with the required number to send and receive messages.


Get the new number in SMS 7 Call 7




Connect to WiFi or phones to send unlimited text messages (SMS), video clips (MMS), text messages to unlimited phone calls.



Choose a new phone number and use it as your own.


1- Phone number to contact anyone (everyone (their job is not required).


Search for the second phone number to protect your privacy.


View your Personal IDs to keep your calls and messages separate. Call any time you want to get another phone number.


You can find a number of numbers to integrate different aspects of your life in a unique way.



Key 7:



Connect with us for free Contact us for free worldwide prices – Get it for free Set up in the store or buy with a free discount.


Use your phone on phone 7



Download the phone app on your tablet or old device to replace the WiFi phones on your new phone: text messaging. Log in to the Free TextMe app to send free text messages from your PC or laptop. Suitable for return plans, phone number 2 or phone number.


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• Location phone number


Texts: Singing Worldwide


Letters of words


Send a phone call


• Number Search


Group discussions


Send pictures, videos, audio / voice recordings


Use emoji stickers


Arc mode, light mode


Modify your signature to change


Text: Enter a password


Personalized music


Check the unread message


Input filters register Filters in the filter window


See text messages on the inbox


Change base / foundation


The What is the password for the password? Keep your message private


Texting, secret or confidential


Free GPS communication via SMS / MMS


Change your phone number – add more numbers


Facebook স Sign in to Facebook via Google


Compatible with other SMS services such as Google Voice, Talkatone, Textney, Textfree և and more.



Note: * 8




Emergency calls may not be supported


Free US Shipping to Canada only


Benefits / Disadvantages of Paper Problems Based on the Use of Latin American Extras


Regions Calling for helpers from 200 countries / regions և SMS may not be included


Utilization is based on documentation.




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