Touch Lock – disable your touch screen

Touch Lock is a lightweight version that is useful for cancer lovers, students, the elderly, or the finger lace, as it allows you to constantly enjoy the device’s touch screen, unwanted tasks, and buttons. ,

to use:

– Very powerful QR code. It only takes a second to scan your e-card if you board the plane or take the subway.

– Good cooking help to let the app run on the screen so you can read the recipe

Make a great underwater video. The app does not allow water to touch the screen

Uninterrupted queue. You can open the map և into your pocket

– You don’t have to worry about your screen automatically sleeping when you copy or view content on your phone

– An excellent device for cooling mobile games. Never turn off screens and buttons. Don’t inadvertently touch it

– You can easily manage it if you are physically locked while playing a photo album or game

– Enjoy life with the story with one hand. You can watch your favorite TV series all the time

The second painting becomes a board. Develop the right drawing skills

– Carry a music player in your pocket at any time

Swipe the lock screen and drive safely

When I look under the rain, I can make sure that the right screen is visible, that my path is registered


This allows the following:

– Key (home buttons, back, end keys of the application)

– Turn off the volume keys.

Turn off the fingerprint sensor.

– Full screen mode.


Get the main subscription

– Hide the login screen

GDPR services

– More new features



Because of Android politics. The device power switch cannot be locked.

– To turn off text touch, you must first enable login credentials.

– This application does not make your device waterproof or waterproof.

To use the fingerprint unlock option, your device must have a fingerprint reader.



– If the video is always hanging on the screen when stopping on Netflix or Amazon Prime, follow this user guide, but remember to enable the login option.

– How to hide blue messages around?

– How to play Min on phone / street (Xiaomi)

Step 1 Go to Settings և Click Installed Applications.

Step 2 Find the touch switch ացրեք to turn on “turn on floating windows”. You can now see the My Touch Lock Touch notification

Step 3. Go to Settings -> Battery և Performance -> Select applications -> Press – – Unlimited.

Although you may receive a privacy notice, the Touch Key never detects, collects, or uses user privacy information.

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