Visionary Launcher 2021 App lock, Hitech Wallpaper

Vision Launcher 2021 – App Lock, HideApp, Hitech Wallpapers, Folders և Themes offer modern and up-to-date performance. Simulate your phone’s home screen using the new generation Android phone’s user interface or by default.

A new, clean and perfect user interface design that provides the user with a better and more interactive management experience. It offers more interesting and convenient features. Any color theme enhances your phone in different styles.


Block apps

Password lock program, you do not need additional program to lock programs.


Hide app

Fingerprint hiding program. You can hide your programs from the application list.

1st name

╭☬➽╦═──────✪⋆➣🄼🅁✪ 🅂🄷🄴🅁🄸✓──━◍➤


Last name

Khan 😀 :*

Too fast and too smart

The simple and flexible user interface of Vision Launcher 2021 provides users with a fast smart driving experience.


Beautiful view

Very old stylish old launcher in which users և beautiful colors. We have created a great love affair to give users an innovative and fresh look every day.



You can better control your app using the shutdown feature. To go to a folder, you can click on any icon.



A high quality background has been added to change the color of the theme. You can also use a poster from your gallery.



You can customize your phone by tapping and holding Telefono, you can change the program to your liking.


Easier access function

The left mouse button provides an easy way to access all applications where you can use all the information in the app aplik to delete information and applications.



Ision calendar, weather information, memory analysis, music player, calendar, battery card և are available in Vision Launcher 2021.




– Vision Launcher 2021 offers stunning and unique colors.

– You can change the app by tapping and holding tabs.

– Browse all the programs installed on your phone by swiping your finger to the left.

– Clean interface smooth interface.

– Energy saving mode.

– Topics change easily.

– Animation is easy to turn on or off.

– Replace the icon application with another program. Tap and hold the icon that appears on the home screen.

– Smooth animation և fast

– Remove an app from the list of apps by clicking on the app.

– You can see the status bar from the initial settings.


Fast and easy to use Android, such as Future Interface or Next Generation Interface Launcher 2021. This application offers many customization features that will turn your Android phone into a full version of the Hi-Fi player. Say goodbye to the old bot using New Vision 2021 – AppLock, HideApp, HitechWallpaper, Map և to get the best experience with themes.

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