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Get instant free VPN India service with one click on India IP address or use it to block blocked websites and applications. OpenVPN communication technology with OpenSSL 10SS bit encryption provides secure and confidential connection for opening Wi-Fi networks.

You need a VPN for the following situations:
1. Change your IP address to the IP address of the VPN server.
2. Browse websites արկ Launch applications blocked by your ISP.
Be prepared to hide the fact that you visit many websites of your ISP. VPN provides anonymous access to և applications of websites. Your ISP only provides information about a VPN connection. All Internet traffic is encrypted with 1024-bit code.
5. Connect to open Wi-Fi networks (without password). All information about these networks is sent openly (without encryption). If the site does not have SSL, all information on this site may be compromised by malicious people. Even on open Wi-Fi networks, VPN encrypts traffic and prevents reading.

VPN India Features:

# Free, unlimited with rich features.
+ Always 100% free VPN service.
+ VPN without registration.
+ No travel restrictions.
+ Compatible with all types of contacts.

# Deactivate blocked content
+ Slide the locks provided by your ISP.
+ Exceeds territorial boundaries defined by barricades in schools, offices, etc.
+ Access to the following blocked pages.
+ Open VoIP networks և video calls.
+ Go through the school firewall.
+ Turn on the flow.

#Protect your privacy
+ Provides access to unknown websites և programs.
+ Can be used to download streams.
+ Change the IP address.
+ Do not keep a diary or keep any information about yourself.

#Description control և flexibility
For your convenience, we have provided two different mounting switches. First contact with the selected VPN in the list. The second is directly related to VPNs in India. Everything is very simple. If you want to change the IP address, select a server from another location և Connect. If you want to get an Indian IP address, connect to an Indian VPN server with just one click.
+ One-click link that is easy to use.
+ Find the server closest to the maximum speed.
+ Look for a server with a small number of neighbors.
+ A constantly growing group of ministers in the world.Our servants.

Since there is no internet censorship in Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg or the United States, connecting to these VPN servers allows access to many sites.


PRO VPN servers.
Provide security with loyal customers. We currently have less than three clients connected to our servers. We will close the servers – allow more servers if there are more clients.Free VPN server.

Free services are always popular և Our servers do not change. In general, the number of free servers is 10-30 times more than the number of PRO servers. The higher this number, the more servers we will add. These servers work normally, but sometimes the free server is overloaded. In this case, you need to connect to another free server or try PRO 7 Day for free.

If you need a PRO server for a specific location, email us at altcoinapps@gmail.com

Instructions for use.
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