Zindagi App Apk

Zindigi is needed to resolve your issues by and large, it hopes to attract you to do all that works on life for you. Spend on the web and accessible, access trading,

get free overall parcels, and play around with your application subjects – this isn’t just another application, this is an unparalleled lifestyle and another Zindigi.


Your Zindigi account goes with second spending advices, clear jobs, tranquil voyaging and sponsorship from certified people with our In-App visit support. So the thing could you have the option to say you are observing things for? Open a record inside the space of minutes today.


Application Features:

Make your own App exceptionally

The world’s first versatile application that awards you to make your own show page by clear typical of contraptions.

Customization to a level that you portray your own App security by attracting two or even three segment demands obviously from the App. This, yet you can in like way pick the shade of your application with a sensible snap.


Pakistan’s First Translucent card:

Demand Pakistan’s first clear Mastercard Debit Card directly from Zindigi.


Keep unsurprising over your uses with Zindigi:

From managing your dependably uses to organizing your future with speculations, Zindigi helps you with keeping unsurprising over your money with a singular application.

Financing your Zindigi Account is SIMPLE:

Pull resources from any charge card or move from any record sufficiently to start


Your entire money related life on your fingertips:

Send and help cash from everyone through bank moves, CNIC moves or on your versatile number. Send changed gifts or send requests for money to friends and family.


Stay liable for your App security:

Apply additional security layer of SMS/email OTP far past PIN code by basically changing the security settings in the App. We would prefer not to drive a predefined security on you,

set the level of success as shown by your comfort and solace. Manage your cards by drawing spending lines, block/unblock it right from the App


Interest in stocks and Mutual Funds in your App:

Use Zindigi to open your record with protections trade and shared resources in direct advances and start getting benefits.

You can in like manner sell your stocks or conventional resources whenever you really want and get resources back in your Zindigi account.

Moreover, screen affirmations trade with a live dashboard of monetary trade your Zindigi App.


More than an App, it’s a lifestyle:

Use Zindigi for development, film, and hotel courses of action, buy e-vouchers and security, extra charges, and remain related with PMDC ensured experts with a lone App.


Download now and Zindigi se Zindagi ko Simple Karo!



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