2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls

Second phone number

Line 2 shows the second phone number on your smartphone with a torch line so you can write messages for both individual and private calls.


You can easily connect with family, colleagues and customers without buying a second phone and without adding a second SIM card by adding another phone number to this calling application.

The next time you want to talk to someone but do not want to share your real phone number, do not forget to find in this app a number – Second phone number – Line 2. You are ready to talk and write in just a few steps.


Define your life and work

You can completely separate your life from your personal by adding a torch to your future work and using your local phone number 2. So if someone calls or calls a customer and you know how to answer, if you can call, will keep your personal phone number private.


Unlimited text and pronunciation

Download a free second phone number from this Android 2 app to Wi-Fi or mobile data for only $ 9.99 per month or with other users around the world. To call

It’s cheaper than normal calls

Line 2, which uses the technology itself, has high sound quality and makes domestic and international calls much cheaper than normal. Here are some steps to create your own second line. They charge a small fee and save on packaging.


Use in many situations

Do you like these situations? You need to enter a phone number, but you really do not want it? Are you tired of advertising or advertising, but can not stop? You need to take a temporary number, but do not want to publish your personal number? If so, you are not alone. Most of us are worried about this. You can enter the second phone number on line 2 to make it disappear. No personal phone number, no problems, no disappointments. Once completed, it can be easily burned or stored for as long as needed.


Powerful features that cost just $ 99.9 per month

– Unlimited free text messages and chats and messages in the US and Canada.

– Call quality: Clear and stable sound quality to control the calling experience

– Signed voicemail: Send voicemail Send subscription Subscribe subscribe to voicemail

– Block unsolicited calls: Block people who call by accident forever

Send Calls Follow these instructions to dial the number you want to call

– Call recording: record all incoming and outgoing calls while you wait for voice quality

– Ad-free experience Record unlimited calls and messages without interrupting your ad


Line 2 is downloadable and has millions of local numbers. You can choose the ones you like and enjoy all the above features for only $ 9.99 per month.


After confirming your purchase, the refund will be deducted from your Google Account. If the update is not automatically deactivated 24 hours before the current end date, the order will be updated automatically at the end of each session. This renewal account will be paid 24 hours in advance and a renewal fee will be charged. You can disable automatic updates at any time in your Google Account settings, but there will be no compensation for unused items.


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