Computer Launcher

Need a computer device on your Android device? Do you like the new Win 10 boot style? Use this driver to find the type of computer available for your Android (TM) phone. Surprise your friends with the new style of Windows 10 on Android.

Launch the One 10 Computer Launcher Metro UI on your Android device. Windows 10 is a great application for testing your computer’s drivers. Computer Launcher displays the home screen of your Android phone as a dedicated desktop for Windows 10.

Custom computer design

You’re here to start your One10 PC (via Windows 10®), customizing your phone to the unique feel of the fastest launcher. Surprise the lion with your favorite Android computer- և share with your loved ones.


File manager support

Using the file browser և you can search using the file manager copy, paste, copy files to files և folders, Jeep / Onzip, ARR, delete, file distribution.

Find your file system in your computer browser with this simple file manager file manager. You will be amazed by the interface of my computer guide. It’s a great computer label.


Computer launcher

Desktop Computer Pro Desktop Computer Pro is a great software program for learning how to activate computer software on your phone. Windows Launcher Windows Theme Asks for Windows Launcher The background of the Android home screen looks like a computer.

Windows Desktop Launcher for Windows

Attach WPP Launcher 10, get different icons, time: date և change the screen color using Windows Quick Search using Google Launcher for Windows applications to quickly search Windows applications. It can be on a computer

Create a program directory for Windows Desktop Launcher.

Click the WP Launch 10 screen, and then create a folder while creating the folder.

Network file and folder exchange

Share your files and folders with new users on new computers via WIFI. Access files via FTP / LAN anywhere



– Computer playlist

– Modern cards in the Android application – Start menu

The best desktop application for creating shortcuts to commonly used applications with one-touch access and compressed storage.

– The application is easy to navigate

Integrated file browser support for PC player

– Create, cut, copy, paste, move, distribute, etc.

– Make a list of all disks, SD cards, storage, audio, video files and stylish photos of your computer.

– Computer operating line

Put the files in the trash, then delete them in OnX mode

– With Build-Inzip you can delete or delete zip files.

Action Center Notification Center. On a computer like the Onex Launcher, there is an action center tool. The program or system can be checked through the notification center


– Desktop tool

– Android O Type desktop menu

Sleep well and fall

– Supplement for CL watch

– Time allowance

– Appendix on RAM information

– Change the folders in the table

– live wallpaper

– Change picture cards

– Remove the taskbar icon

– Desktop maps

Includes time booths, calendar and photos

A functionality field transparency option has been added

– Improving the compatibility of topics

– Created versatile function (enable / disable from settings)

– Lock the screen

– Multicolor support for task lines and menus

– Support icon pack for Android TV / tablet t

Hide question:

– mobile desktop icon

– Add list to home list (fee only)

– Change the main menu of the application (to change, click on egin save application)

Change the query to the taskbar (click (save)

Gallery function added

– Change picture cards

– Desktop plugin

Integrated application (see photos)




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