Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner Apk Download

The first application is fully compatible with WhatsApp.

If you see that WhatsApp is interfering with other blocked programs, select DualSpace. We cant guarantee the stabilities of WhatsApp.


You need to switch between different social accounts in the same phone app.

If you have lost WhatsApp messages, have you used two or more mobile phones to store your account online?


Now technology has emerged in two places. This can completely solve your problem. You can use your phone to access multiple accounts and store all your online accounts at once.

You don’t have to worry about receiving messages to store data from multiple accounts, as they work independently without interference.


You have multiple social accounts at once. ·

Store your personal business accounts online at the same time, making an easy work-life balance.

Almost all social apps support a second Dual Space account. Data from different accounts is not confused.


Privacy program cloning function

Don’t want to reveal your password? This creates a privacy space in two places, the phone system leaves no trace.


Your personal account may be hidden from others, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information.

This is the latest technology that can block applications in two places. We will not install any other software on your phone, so your phone will work fine.


You can quickly switch between different accounts with a single click

When two phone accounts are used at once, it is easy to toggle the management of different accounts with a single click.


By providing sustainable information services, sustainable research and development programs can also ensure consistent work.

Easy to operate interface.


The APP file is small, CPU consumption is low, and power consumption is low.

For quick cloning, all programs can be opened twice.



Licenses For example, if dual sharing does not have a camera license, you cannot use the dual camera feature. Some applications are bilateral. To protect your privacy, the backup does not contain your personal information.

Harmful virus warning. We found that some antivirus programs receive malicious software alerts that use both sites to obtain system permissions.


Don’t worry if i find yourself this is situation. The program is completely safe on both sites, it has no viruses.Alarms: Add a double space to some developer lists to make sure some clone notifications work properly.

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