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  1. The application makes it easy to have HD sound calls with video conferencing and screen sharing.



This honor winning sound + video conferencing instrument lets you have incalculable parties with up to 1,000 people for every party. You additionally get screen sharing, in general dial-in numbers for 75+ nations, and meeting recording, futile.

All we ask concerning whether you like the contraption you pay us what you acknowledge is reasonable. These duties help us with giving inside and out free, first rate sound and video conferencing answers for respectable reason, volunteers, and understudies all around the globe. Highlights include:

· Free application download

· Free record incitation


· Free HD sound calls w/up to 1,000 people · Free HD video conferencing and screen sharing w/up to 1,000 people


· Free International conferencing with submitted dial-in numbers in 75 countries…and making!

· Conference highlights: web controls, including quiet and record, lock, see people, Q&A and the sky is the limit starting there

· One-contact gathering solicitations to control calls

· Dial-in by VoIP


· Unlimited record and gathering access

· Reservationless calling with accessibility all through every single day

· Save and store existing records

· Send meeting mentioning


In the event that you have any solicitations, you should contact the Customer Care pack at (844) 844-1322 or email To get settled with the affiliation, visit


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