HTTP Custom – SSH & VPN Client with Custom Header Jazz Free Internet

Secure riding web using SSH and VPN with custom http request header Jazz free Internet

HTTP Custom is a SSH client and VPN client with custom HTTP request header to get surfing


GET dunyatricks:// HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host:[crlf]Upgrade: websocket[crlf][crlf]


– Can’t separate vpn when it interfacing, try use out/off data to compel stop vpn.




Secure riding using SSH and VPN

Custom sales header

Free VPN server

DNS Changer

Offer your SSH/VPN affiliation (Hotspot or USB Tethering)

Item config

No root required

Basic gadget to adjust requests and access impeded locales behind firewall with SSH and VPN. Get free boundless vpn server without username, secret word, selection, and information transmission obstruction.

Why HTTP Custom:

Simple to utilize

Free boundless vpn server

Custom HTTP request header

2 of each 1 (SSH and VPN Client)



SSH and VPN support SNI (Server Name Indication)

Approval access photos, media and records

Give approval HTTP Custom peruse and make config

Approval make and administer phone cells

Give agree HTTP Custom to make hwid and read isp card information

Assent access this current contraption’s region

Give agree HTTP Custom to examine ssid, only for OS >= 8 (Oreo)

Bit by bit guidelines to share affiliation tying:

Start SSH or VPN client until related

Switch on space of interest/usb tying

Check log it will show information tying ip:port server as go-between, in the event that not show default go-between for Hotspot and USB Tether port 7071


Client interface with hotstpot and set delegate client like log information from HTTP Custom (you can see picture on top how to course of action go-between from android, if you use workspace assuming no one minds, use proxifier then set sort go-between as HTTPS in proxifier)


After a while the app stops working.. it won’t open configs and if it does,it won’t connect.. probably a bug, but I recommend this app if you’re a persistent person 🙂


It keeps on crashing! People are reporting that this latest update is not ok,but you choose to keep mute. Update the app,it’s not opening!


Used to be a great vpn in school days. You have totally messed the app, random freezes, connectivity issue, takes forever to connect.


Since I had this app the files only connected once since from there up until today it doesn’t want to I don’t know why I tried even connecting with my own mobile data but still no improvement 😔


Impressive updates after so long. Don’t know why somebody’s so down with the updates. Keep this app updated. Love from Pluto.


Yhea the app is cool…but it has this thing it like to like not openig files and it will stop work after that…but i still think its great and i would Definitely recommend it


Works really fine… •the app can atleast detect expired or invalid files on log window I wont give it 5 because sometimes it is slow

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