My Photo in 3D Live Wallpaper

My Photo 3D Live Wallpaper is a free personalized application that you can use as wallpaper on your home screen, lock screen and compatible with any Android device or Android phone.  You can show your photos, logos or images with the main image, awesome, awesome screen effects.

         With this amazing app you can take your own photos, children, pets, the picture you want, the logo of your favorite sports team or the screen, with very few resources and batteries.  You can use the app as a logo creator, you can create a unique kimi logo Use your favorite brands or groups as wallpapers or images that you can draw in galleries or images.  You can also add photo frames and filters.

         How to use (rules of use)
– Select a photo or image from the gallery or take a picture with the camera (if you want you can take a selfie).  This is done in the “Select Image” menu.  You can use the icon in the upper left corner or the “Select Image” menu section.
After selecting an image you can cut it into a rectangle, circle or rectangle.  A rectangular horse is recommended for better use of the wheels.

– You can save the image after cropping the desired part of the image, և automatically marked as a 3B image in the main image.  (If you select a photo in the gallery, the original photo / image will not change)
– You can select wallpapers directly from the list.  On the home screen or on the home screen, you can select: lock screen.  Add frames, filters to the description.
– You can change the filters on the home screen by tapping and holding the 3D Cube image for a long time.  You can change the rods by double-clicking.  Try them all և you will love them.
– You can also manage, edit, crop, edit screenshots …
– You can make a video with the result, send it to friends via social network or messaging app.

You can further customize the programs in the list of applications:

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Enter the list և Change the list.
It is better to choose your favorite photo filter.
Change the photo frame.
Change the image resolution.
Enable or disable 3D cube interaction.
Change the speed of the 3D effect
Video recording with 3D effect.  Optionally you can add sound or music.
Show the rest of the videos you want to manage և Share. Set LWP as a starting point.

* All images in the application were made by us or taken from և – this is a license to use in our application.


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