About Sub4Sub Points of view: Youtubers Gathering
Can’t Viral? Try Channel, Shorts and Video Headways to get Subscriber, View,like

Youtube Group is a social application to propel your channel, accounts, and shorts to a colossal number of clients to get allies, viewpoints, comments, and likes. You can communicate and chat with different Youtubers to have a few great times and deal important minutes with them. Similarly, You can get redirection by watching accounts, seeing and becoming involved with Profiles, and building a custom profile with YouTubers’ feed examination data.


  1. View your profile photo and welcome Moniker. Basically, Tap to zoom your profile photo.
  2. Move forward yourself by completing the obligation to get the Valuable stone Award.
  3. View proposed clients and accounts by sliding them left.

Advance Channel:

  1. Add Channel Mission to propel your divert before others.
  2. View various profiles to get ready for marriage or valuable stones as most would consider to be normal to add your profile.
  3. Channel clients as shown by their nearby clients, Actually added or unvisited clients.
  4. Get an Admonition when someone becomes involved with your channel.

Live Visit:

  1. Share your thinking and emojis and wreck around with other YouTubers by chatting with them.
  2. Prepared to develop your Group to 10 people with their last message and this moment is the ideal open door.
  3. Similarly prepared to report or kill them by picking the menu by holding the tap on their profile.
  4. Notice incorporate is moreover open while visiting.

View Profile:

  1. Research the client’s profile Information.
  2. Get progressing Channel Bits of knowledge and Information like inclinations, allies, and viewpoints count.
  3. Watch their video status.

Update Profile:

  1. Update the channel through a pursuit question or the channel/video URL.
  2. Likewise, accounts can be invigorated by picking channel video or through video URL.
  3. Update your profile photo and significant information.

Advance Video:

  1. Add your video to propel your video before others.
  2. Get connected by watching unbelievable accounts.
  3. Get an Admonition when someone watches your video.

Premium Progression:

  1. Basic, premium, or platinum enlistment will give second virtual gems and no popup window.
  2. Premium or platinum cooperation will propel your profile in the first class enlistment list before various profiles.
  3. Moreover, premium application features are given to Premium or platinum enlistment clients.

Our Application doesn’t allow buying/purchasing of viewpoints, inclinations, allies, or comments, as these are against the techniques. Moreover, we don’t progress sub4sub or sub for sub, like4like or like for like, and view4view. Clients hold the honor to notice any of the accounts they considered to be entrancing or get involved with them given that they like their feed and content.
What’s happening in the Latest Structure Variation 4.10
Continue to go revived on Dec 20, 2022

We have rethought our application UI/UX and informational collection so it could run true to form on all android structures. The going with changes have done in the continuous version:

  1. Available continually subject
  2. Dynamic UI for different phone and tablet sizes
  3. Faster execution than at some other time
  4. Clear and lightweight application UI with new images
  5. Client-Server based application for better security, control, and trustworthiness
  6. Support for android 11+
  7. Admonitions for channel points of view and participation


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