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Application Exchange – APK Transfer, Application Exchange և Backup


Want to share your plans with friends? Application Sharing: APK Transfer, Application Sharing Backup Connection Software APK Backup WiFi APK File,

Any Internet Connection, Email, Bluetooth, Facebook, Dropbox Cloud, Google Cloud Cloud, etc.


No Wi-Fi or network connection? No problem!

You can easily transfer applications anywhere via Bluetooth or a semi-trailer. Only mount the phone at a height of 1 cm. Let the room begin.

Download and share now: Download APK, share, create backup apps, create additional files anywhere, faster and easier than ever.


Ultimate App Manager: Open, share, back up, connect, or download everything in one app.

Easy click: split multiple programs

Back up your phone: Copy apps, copy data to your SD card, or send to the cloud

To check the application: Open the drop-down menu

Delete programs: You can remove programs directly from the tape list

Easy session: Send the right link to the app to the Play Store

Simple interface: install it, you’ll understand in seconds.

Smart switch: Copy data from your old phone to your new one

Download apps now to share: Download APK, distribute apps, and back up your phone. Perfectly manages phone applications.

Subroutines: How do I transfer APKs, share apps, and edit them?

When it opens, a list of applications installed on your phone is displayed

Select an application from the Select one of the following actions menu

* Share the link to send it to the Play Store app

* APK sharing: app: APK (app installation file)

* Open: open the application

* Cancel: delete the program file

* Backup: Copy the program to the SD card

To select several applications, press and select different options on the screen


App sharing: APK downloads, app sharing և Backup: A great way to find friends by opening a new Android phone or quickly notifying your friends about your apps.

You can download the installation package directly from your laptop.

Just wait! Download the Class Apps APK and now share your backup apps with the latest App Manager.


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