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VMOS is an application that has been made ward on Virtual Machine. It is presented like another application and offers the customer the shot at having a resulting

Android working development presented on their cell, which is crucial to have the choice to work with free spaces and to have a couple of customer accounts in applications like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.



A central strategy for having two WhatsApp accounts on one wireless


This application offers us a second totally huge Android where we can present applications, whether or not we have now presented them early (review that Android doesn’t allow duplication of vocations).


That way we can make restricted spaces for express customer profiles, for instance, for gaming or working.



These are the standard components of this application to clone Android:




Have a completely free second working structure on your contraption.


Present a comparable application twice and use them with different customer accounts: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…


Totally adaptable and configurable.


Restrict it whenever you want and let it run in the background. Access it again using its floating button.


Necessities and additional information:


Least working structure essentials: Android 5.0.


The foundation of the application through the APK record requires the authorization of the “Faint sources” decision inside Settings>Applications.

X8 send box   

Xposed installer

Root cloak   

SSL Plugging   


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