Telenor Balance Save Code 2023/24 – (100% Working)

Are you searching for a Telenor balance save code? Is there a code for unsubscribing from data mode? Here’s how to check your Telenor Balance Save Code and lock it from using the internet.

If You Have Your Data On, Now You Can Save And Lock Your Balance.
I was also having the same issue as you. Whenever my internet package reached its limit, Telenor Pakistan cut my balance to stay connected to me. And the interesting thing is that the internet rate is so high that the balance of 50 rupees becomes 0 in very less time using the internet.

I tried various balance lock codes for different networks and found more codes for balance saving by using the internet. I try different codes but no one code is working.

I found a working code that works very well, So today I am sharing the codes to unsubscribe from Telenor data mode and save your balance from cutting.

Telenor balance save code:

If you want to save your balance this code will help you *345*82*143#. for saving data it works for all networks. Try this code and tell us about your experience in the comments box.

If you want to use free internet for Telenor so you can try Telenor free codes for packages and for Telenor free internet. Its a very easy that you don’t want to use your balance for internet usage, if the code doesn’t work, don’t worry we will share another method with you for free.

Easiest Way to Save Telenor Balance:

To save your Telenor balance virtually, just follow these easy steps: Call the Telenor customer support team and tell them that you want to activate the locker code on your sim. The support team guides you through the process that how to activate the locker code on the Telenor sim.So here I will share some steps for your guidance.

Open your phone’s dial pad.
Call 345 (Telenor Customer Support Number).
Press 1 on your dial pad to connect with the customer care officer.
Request them that you want to activate the Telenor balance save service on your sim.
The officers will ask for your confirmation tell them all the personal information which the officer asks.
After that tell them that you want to activate the service.
You will receive confirmation from the officer via SMS that the service has been successfully activated.
Using these two methods, you can activate the Telenor balance save code and Telenor balance lock code on your internet sim card within a minute. Then you don’t have to worry about your balance when using the internet.

Friquenckly and Questions

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How can you save your Telenor balance when using the internet?

Here are two simple methods, the first method uses the Telenor save code and the seconds method is to call their costumers support team and request them to activate the service on your Sim.

How to protect your Telenor balance?

It’s very easy just using the Telenor locker code available in the article to lock your balance.

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