Telenor New Sim Free Internet Code 2024

Telenor New Sim Free Internet Code 2023

Telenor is a telecom company that is very famous and has good users all over Pakistan. Recently Telenor has started a new 2 GB offer for free. This offer is only for those users who have bought a new SIM card. If anyone takes a new SIM card then he will get the Telenor gift offer. After buying a new sim card you will recharge Rs.100 or more to get a gift of Telenor new sim free internet offer. Telenor prepaid customers will access a 2 GB gift offer of fast Telenor internet.

New code of Telenor new sim 2023

To activate this offer just dial *954# and you will get 2000 MB free. In today’s competitive world, Telenor plans to gain more customers by giving new offers for free. New Telenor customers use free internet on Telenor by buying a new sim card. If you have a sim that will not use for 30 days you will get free more internet by just dailing a *336# code.

Telenor new sim offer code

Defined overhead, you will get free 2000 MB internet from Telenor new sim. So that way you can get 10 gb internet free of cost in 5 days. By the ways, you can get more free MBS by using this Telenor free internet code. Please share your reviews about these tricks?

Telenor new sim offer free minutes

If you have Telenor sim which is not been used in the last 30 days then you can get 100 Telenor minutes per day for the next 30 days and 6000 MB of internet for the next 90 days. By using these methods you can enjoy 3000 Telenor minutes and 10 GB of internet. You can also use this Telenor balance save code, if you have data in your sim card your balance will not be used.

Telenor New Sim Offer Check Code

Congratulations! When you get a new sim card and wanna check your remaining free MB of internet, then you just dial *345*66#. This is a simple method to check your internet data. If you want to advance the balance offer in that way you just dial *0# for the emergency loan you will get Rs.20.

Eligibility and validity of Telenor new SIM offer:

You can use this offer for just 2 days.
This offer is only for new prepaid customers.
Terms & Conditions
To get a Telenor new sim offer you must have at least one paisa in your sim card.
Telenor will give you Rs.100 or more by dialing the activation code on that day.
Recharge of Rs.100 or more you will get 2GB of data daily ( but only once a day)
just prepaid users are eligible for Telenor new sim offer.
For recharge, you can use Easypaisa, retailers, or franchises yo can get recharge anyone from these.
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What is Telenor new SIM offer?
All new users of Telenor who have to buy a new sim can enjoy free internet an minutes with the Telenor new sim offer. For more information read the full article.

How can I get free Telenor 5 GB?

Anyone get 5 GB data of internet by Telenor new sim offer. must read the full post you will get also 5 GB of internet free.


If you have newly registered on Telenor sim, you can enjoy free MB and minutes. Simply you just dial Telenor new sim offer code. Full details are already in the article just read it and get the free data.

If you have any issues activating this offer, you can contact the Telenor franchise or call helpline 345. And you also share with us your problem so we can help you better.

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